The Village Mutt
665 East Foothill Boulevard, Suite G 

Claremont, CA, 
(909) 624-3020



I am Dudley, a 9-year-old English Labrador, and I am the Official Treat Taste-Tester for The Village Mutt. The Official Toy Tester for the store, my sister Daisy, went to the Rainbow Bridge shortly after the store opened.  My mom, April, left the human resources industry to follow her dream and open this store. She knows a lot about how to treat furry friends like me and wants to help other animal lovers learn and have fun too. My parents learned all about what to feed me after my brother, Elvis, got cancer and went to the Rainbow Bridge. If you need anything, just let my mom know because she always helps me. We are one happy family and want to make you and your family just as happy and healthy as us! Enjoy!

In loving memory of Daisy May. We love you, sweet baby girl. You will be with us always.

The Village Mutt Owners